Monday, October 15, 2007

TOW Kuala Terengganu Town

As I drove off the town slowly in the jam, I couldn't help but noticed the development of the town itself. From being a ghost town 5 years ago, it slowly raise up the standard of living for the people of the town. The infrastructure is gradually developed and the roads are widen up to cater for the people here. Though I must admit that it is quite slow, at least something is done to ensure that Terengganu isn't far away from development compared to other states in Malaysia. I've been touring around.
Crystal Mosque at Taman Tamadun Islam.The Crystal Mosque is so amazingly gorgeous
The different views of Sultan Mamud bridge
Batu Burok BeachMy niece by the beach. Notice the big diamond on her neck. She won't wanna take it off.
Terengganu Town
Another beautiful mosque in the middle of KT . The architecture is marvellous.
Part of ChinaTown
Pasar Payang
The town from far

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