Wednesday, October 3, 2007

TOW Berbuka @ Restoran Kapitan

Lately, I really have no idea on what to eat for berbuka already, and my brother has the same problem too. He called me yesterday asking me about any good Chicken Rice for berbuka and insisted me to join him for berbuka as well. At first we went to this stall that served splendid Chicken Rice in Taman Desa, unfortunately it was closed. Then may be Chicken Rice Shop in MidValley will do, but the traffic was so crazily congested,I decided to meet my brother at Amcorp Mall. The place to go is Kapitan Restaurant, selling only Chicken Rice and Curry Mee.The place isn't that pack so we can easily get our order immediately, just in time for berbuka. I got myself a combo set of Chicken rice, complete with the bean sprouts and Orange Juice. Surprisingly, the meal is sooo fine at only RM7.50 per set. Dropped by ‘Kedai Kaki Lelong’ next door, quite a variety of second hand goods sold there, but end up buying nothing as the ladies of the shop is so sour-faced; and they even gave me this weird look when I enter the shop. May be I don’t dress up to be in their junk shop, but then again, why should I dress up just to go to a shop that sells junk. Well, the truth is they don’t know how to practice customer service ethics with their customers; no wonder the shop is so empty. With an empty mall and the bad PR, good luck, ladies!

I need to go karaoke… The adrenalin rush of screaming out loud is high in me now.
E-Box karaoke, here I come!!

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