Saturday, September 26, 2009

Teh Dangdutttt..

My uncle always tell me to about the famous Teh Dangdut place in Ipoh.. and always wanted me to try and put in the blog.. So i finally went to this place.. a mamak restaurant with lots of relaxed and slow moving people enjoying the drinks..
Teh Dangdut is actually called 3 layer tea in KL, or Teh Dangdut in some places.. but what's special about the Teh Dangdut here is the everything is just the right ingredient.. so delicious and tasty.. so that’s the presentation, and what about the taste? Superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.. the best I’ve ever tasted.. way better than the one I had in KL and Ganu.. and I really would love to come for more.. heheheh.. Location wise, I don't remember the restaurant's name.. but it is located along Jalan Bercham next to KFC.. also available for nescafe and Kopi.. simply nice, try it and you will wanna come back for more..

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