Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jalan2 Raya 1

Seems like this raya I've been doing a lot of jalan2 in the northern region.. all cooling, water based destinations.. The first location - Batu Feringgi Beach..It's a must for me to go here every raya.. although the water isn't that clear, quite dirty to me actually.. but the ambiance of the beach here is quite different from other places... lots of beach activities, awesome scenery, a few relaxing cafes by the beach, lots of tourist.. and the fresh warm air with breezy ocean winds is really peaceful and relaxing..Parked ourselves at the cafe while having a nice late lunch by the beach.. when I suddenyly I saw a very familiar face, it was my dear friend walking by the beach with his friend, and when I smsed him asking him whereby, he unconsciously (or nottt!) said that he's still in Prai.. hhahahahahhaha.... kantoiiii!

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