Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Countdown to Raya

I donno why, but Ramadhan this year seems to be so dull for me, I just don't feel the happening of Ramadhan and the countdown to Raya.. I know that almost everyone is busy preparing for Raya clothes, raya cookies and all stuff, but I'm still not done with the shopping yet.. In 3 days, all Muslims will celebrate Raya, and alarmed by this fact, I really need to visit Jalan TAR possibly by tonite to check out the Baju Melayu for me, and some clothes for my parents, and granny .. Done with the raya cookies as I just bought from a friend who sold it, but didn't manage to get the photos yet.. Guess I’m really not up to raya this year.. Just hope that the momentum will start building up soon so I can celebrate raya with full spirit and enthusiasm... Raya Raya Rayaaaaa...

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