Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jalan2 Raya 2 @ Bukit Merah Laketown Resorts

Anyone familiar with Bukit Merah Lake town Resort? For the Northern people, I guess it's already a brand name.. This is one place that I've never been before.. and since it's not that far from my granny's house, I might as well check out the place first before I bring the whole troop soon.. Well.. I wasn't that impressed the first time I arrived at the main complex.. everything is just simple and nicely put in place for a small size theme park.. but as I walked passed the lake, I can now see how impressive the scenery was.. simply amazing scenery.. They offer quite a number of packages, the water park, the Eco park, Orang utan park (hahahah!),
Amusement Park and a few more.. people can even rent bicycles too here.. with quite a few numbers of resorts available nearby.. one even can rent the chalet on the water near the Eco Park.. really nice..
We all decided to take a walk by the lake.. and as it was already dark, we decided to head home.. Will bring the whole troop here soon..

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