Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bisik2 @ Kuala Muda

My uncle always told me about this place where people can buy fresh big prawns in Kuala Muda, which is quite near to Butterworth.. so when they all decided to march there for fresh fishes and prawns, I couldn't wait but to follow them and experience the new place.. What is extremely unique about this place is they still practiced the traditional way of buy-sell business deal.. Bisik2 or whispering the bidding price.. How is it done? Here's how.. the fishermen brought a few stacks of the fishes/ prawns, then opened the minimum price, the bidder must whisper at the fisherman their price without other party knowing their bidding price, and the best man wins the stake.. cool isn't it? hahahah.. at first it felt so weird looking at one person to another quietly whispered the bidding price.. but after some time it looked funny and entertaining.. really enjoyed the background of all teh boats landing at the edge of the shore, and some even tied to the stick near the dock.. pretty awesome scenery huhh? Got ourselves a few kilos of fresh prawns and fishes.. enough for 2 weeks supply, according to my aunt laa..Rest assured, the scenery here is sooo marvelous and the people here looks so happy I felt like being a fisherman.. well, does it suit me? Of course notttt.. hehehe!

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