Monday, September 21, 2009

Open House @ Pak Lang

It was the second raya when everyone started to race over hosting an open house.. and Pak Lang is the one to book us all the families for his open house in Penanti, BM.. so we all convoyed in 8 cars marching to his house.. and one can imagine how full the house was when it comes to the crowd of 8 cars in one house.. meletuppppp! Yess.. I have a big family, and we are all close to each other.. but with the amount of the whole family gathered for raya every year, I don't think simply anyone can tolerate or handle it.. heheheh..
It was like the second gathering of raya with almost complete family gathered here.. what more with fantastic dishes cooked by my cousin Reez who is an expert chef.. from Nasi minyak, traditional Lemang, Rendang and Ketupat to the tasty Mee Udang.. everything was so delicious, we all wallap like nobody's business.. hehehe Here's how it looks like when the whole family gathered.. the house was so packed we all hafta walk around and make ourselves effective.. The second wave of collecting duit raya by the kids was up next.. and I spread the angpow to the rest of my cousins.. which officially made me pokai for the rest of the month.. makan maggi je la jawabnya this month... heheheh!

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