Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Splendid Views..

Received an email from a friend, sharing this marvelous rare places of the world, which I ladly share with the rest of the readers..
These are a few of the most spectacular rare places in the world. From the enchanting Antartica and the city above the sky to the breatktaking beaches around the world.. it's just beyond words on how wonderful the sceneries are..
1. At the tip of the world. This is the tip of Himalaya Tibet. It's the highest tip of world, added with the lighting, it looks as if Himalaya is some other planet.

2. Mysterious Light of the North The spectacular Aurora Borealis lights in the Alaska sky (farthest of North Amrica, North Pole). Aurora is a natural lights in the sky that from the world magnet particles combined with atom and molecule from the upper earth atmosphere. It usually turns into 2 colors, green and red, which norally can be seen at night.

3. Chittogarh Valley, India

4. Colorful Village Cinque Terre, Riviera, one of the most popular village in Italy. The beautiful fort is built since hundreds of years back, but still maintain the uniqueness. Seafood is one of the specialty here, probably because of the location by the Mediterranean ocean.. (From UNESCO World Heritage Site).

5. College the Valleyfield One of the educational university in Quebec, Kanada, nothing can beat the marvelous scenery of the campus, one of it's kind in the world.

6. A City Above The Sky. This is Machu Picchu, the lost city of Inca tribes. Located at Urumba Valley, Peru, on top of the mountain, 2430 metre above the sea level. Thsi place is built in 146o's to symbolize their proud of the tribes.

7. Massif De La Chartreuse The super unique stones formulation in the mountains of the East France.

8. Recreation at the end of the world Take a break while kayaking in the super cold crystal clear Artic Ocean, up north of the North Pole.

9. A city within the Mountain Take a look at the superb giant monument of Petra, a city invented within the stone mountain in Yordania. Built 100 ears b.c by the Nabatean tribe, Petra used to be a business centre in the Roman empire for its strategic location within Arabs. Within the city is the secret below the ground river.

10. Tungurahua Mountain, Ekuador

11. Navagio Lagoon, Zakynthos, Yunani

12. International Space Station, ISS The Austronauts at the mission STS116 at Internation AeroSpace Station, ISS, 3600 km of teh New Selandia. Check out the scenery, simply spectacular...

That's it... Stop dreaming noww... and welcome back to the real world..

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