Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Movie => Final Destination 4

I've been a follower of Final Destination movies since the first one.. and the latest one being shown now is a movie that I'm not gonna miss.. so me and a friend planned for a movie outing and the only time that we can get the tix is 6pm show.. which I immediately grabbed.. As my workplace is closer to Midvalley, it's not gonna be a problem for me, thanks to my new best friends, cabs and LRTs for making it faster for me to reach my destination..
6pm show.. which means we need to berbuka in the movie.. interesting! Planned to get something near the berbuka time.. but as the movie got interesting, we totally forgot about berbuka, and only eat after the movie finished, near 8pm..The movie? Still cool.. but it seems like they are already out of idea, and the story doesn't really have a clear plot, it's simply putting it out on the screen on how to make the death more horrible, without even getting the true expression of fear out of the actors.. Personally, I still like the the 2nd one, highway tragedy .. and 3rd, funfair accidents.. seems so real that the scenes are stuck at my mind until now.. especially when me and Blackie were in the accident 2 weeks ago.. and really bring lots of questions in my mind.. like what if the bus or lorry were the one that hit from the back.. what if everyone is at their fastest speed the accident would be worse, what if the people involved in the accident aren't the good people.. what if I'm injured in that accident.. and those really are lots of what ifs in my mind lately..
Morale of the story.. don't drive in the fast lane when it's raining even when I'm at the slow speed.. I may be driving safely but others may not.. better safe than sorry..

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