Saturday, September 5, 2009

Berbuka Puasa @ RedBox Sogo

My Blackie is still in the workshop.. and I have to submit a few documents to Nissan insurance today in order to process the claims.. Tired! but later a friend asked me to join him for Berbuka @ RedBox Sogo, which I immediately agreed as I was nearby.. So the berbuka package is RM32++ with 3 hours of karaoke and lots of dishes prepared.. and we had all the food mounting the coffee table.. quite nice the food here.. and the dish line opened till 10pm so you can eat till u drop..Well, throughout the way lots of hickups on the karaoke set, and there's even a 10minutes blackout in the middle of our karaoke session.. and I was told that the whole Sogo was in the dark.. hehe! Had fun eating in the dark.. and try to pretend that we were still karaokeing over the silent music.. hahahahah!Overall, we had fun, the food was nice.. and worth the money spent..

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