Friday, September 25, 2009

Jalan2 Raya 3 @ Lost World Of Tambun

I will update my encounter at the Lost World of Tambun Waterpark since my Pangkor trip was a bit of a problem.. It was hot and sunny on Friday.. meaning that we will all get tan by the end of this trip.. but never mind.. as long as we're all happy.. hehe!What about the Lost World of Tambun? Situated in Ipoh, it's a smaller version of SUnway, so I wouldn't expect it to be so grand and huge, but it turned out to be otherwise.. such a beautiful greenery background, with an exotic ancient architecture added to the beauty of this place.. Well.. the amusement park is practically minimum with only 3 machines, but the waterpark was quite nice.. one can rent a tube to play around in the water.. and one can drop by at the Animal Kingdom to experience the wild habitat, play with the tame birds, play with snake and parrots and watch the raccoon in their natural habitat..Later passed by the gorgeous scenery of the park and dropped by the pond to feed the fishes.. and watch the TIGER SHOW (real tiger ok..what r u thinking? hahahahha) The tiger is so huge it can wallap me anytime laa..Got myself on tube and let the wave brought me around the pool.. and later got ready to go back as they are closed at 6pm.. Nice place to be.. you should get your ass there to experience the excitement.. hehehe!

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