Friday, August 19, 2011


The preparation for raya is not complete until one pays for zakat fitrah for himself.. or for the family for those who're married.. A bit of procrastinator myself, I usually pay my zakat towards the end of puasa.. and at times right before the raya prayer.. teruk kannn? heheh..Anyway, I was in Alamanda just now and encountered that there's a booth set up in the middle of the food court entrance one surely cannot miss to be reminded about their obligations to pay zakat.. dah takmau lengah2 lagi, so I proceeded to the booth and were asked to pay for how many, and when I said only one, the guy next to me gave 'that' look.. haloooo!! tak pernah tengok orang bujang bayar zakat ke? Am I that old to pay for only for myself.. and why must there be 'that' look?
Th most important thing, aku dah bayar my zakat.. the rest.. dah bayar ke zakat anda? heheheh..

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