Monday, August 29, 2011


Monday morning.. and the journey Balik Kampung is as early as 8am.. a slight change to the original plan to start the journey by 5am.. huhhhhh! Anyway.. the whole journey was a smooth one, and we managed to reach kampong at about 12pm.. Mak already started her masak2 thingy.. and the first one was the beef rendang.. fresh from the charcoal kitchen.. The usual stuff, helping mak in the kitchen kejap, then lepak blkg rumah until berbuka time, enjoying the nice sawah padi scenery..
the last day of berbuka for this year.. dah penuh orang balik rumah my maktok for berbuka, the buffet style.. agak ralat sebab orangnya ramai but not helping at all.. plus my uncle with his everchaging plan.. entah apa2!Anyway, the most waited moment of the night, main mercun & bunga api session.. the whole gang gathered up, kids and mak budak pun join.. had fun.. really2 had fun.. esok raya!
Allahu akbar walillah ilham..

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