Thursday, August 25, 2011


This is a story about my fish.. about 20 of them live happily ever after in the beautiful pond at the balcony of my house.. there are a few types of Koi inside the pond, with so many colors.. the big huge one, light yellow in color, couple of dotted ones, some with the long and wavy tails, and the focus is for a special OKU fish that is totally blind.. but still can make a living up until now.. Sometimes it's sad to see how she struggles to fight for food with the more aggressive ones.. kesian dia! but it's my job to make sure that she gets her food no matter what.. as I follow her movement and keeps giving food until she gets her portion..
What really happened, i don't know, but she is one of the survivors of 20 small rejected goldfishes that I bought a year ago.. yg penting now semua dah gemuk2 mcm tuan dia dahh.. hahahah! So I'm just doing my responsibilities.. and will keep doing it as long as she lives.. hang on there buddy.. you will always have my support..

p/s: camne la naa balik raya nak tinggal my pond ni? kena beli anak2 ikan la ni to feed my ikan2 ni.. heheh

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