Monday, August 22, 2011


A friend wanted to survey for a new car.. and the best place to find showrooms from all types of cars is definitely in Puchong laa.. at first we went to Toyota showroom, only to be greeted by quite a hamsap salesman that treated us as if we have no money to buy.. up yours la bro.. big mistake!!
We later moved to Nissan showroom acroos the highway.. and so happy to be welcomed by a very friendly salesman named Marcus.. and we immediately test-drive Sylphy and the latest in the market, Teana.. damnn! Teana is so awesome rasanya macam orang kaya2 la pulak bawak kereta tu.. hahah..
Sylphy pun not bad at all.. and this is where I dah berangan2 nak tukar to Sylphy pulak after this.. hurmmmm! Sabar bang sabarrr! hahahah.. Teana is sooo a dream car.. and thank god my friend is buying the car.. yahooo! at least boleh la rasa bawak Teana walaupun tak mampu nak beli kannn! heheheh..

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