Saturday, August 20, 2011


It is indeed the end of the 3rd working week in Ramadhan, and it means that we only have another week to go before a long Raya break.. frankly, I'm in no mood to work anymore.. things have been so stressful this month with the never ending write-up that needs to be finished for submission, plus another half month salary that is still pending.. things have been pretty haywire lately.. I'm just tired, and stressed out.. Goshhhh!
It's been raining non stop tonite, and out of the stress, I decided to go out for a break.. alone! pretty weird since I seldom go out alone.. may be this is a quality time that I need for myself.. alone!! which I ended up having crappy nasi lemak of Oldtown while finishing my Angry Birds games.. ohh I miss my makcik Kerang nasi lemak in Sri Petaling.. tak sabar nak tunggu lepas raya nak makan the nasi lemak again.. One more week to go.. hope next week will be a quick one.. I need a break!!

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