Sunday, August 14, 2011


I've been traveling 2 weekends in the row.. hurmmm.. quite active compared to last year's Ramadhan.. this week, back to my hometown in ganu.. not really gonna be the story teller, but just let the photos describe my weekend..
1. PARAM Cabang 3

2. Berbuka Dishes
3. Home made Onde2
My all time favourite.. onde2! simply marvelous..
4. Berbuka pack @ Gambang
We won't be able to berbuka at home, so we traveled back to KL and stopped at Gambang for berbuka.. ramainya orang!
Mak packed us some berbuka meal for our journey back.. banyak gila food from nasi and lauk2, coupled with cucur udang and mee goreng.. kalah makan kat rumah.. I requested for my all time favourite, telur masak sambal cili.. sedapppp! best giler laaa..

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