Saturday, August 20, 2011


I always loveeee this kuih called onde2.. be it at the bazar ramadhan or a stall where they usually sell it in Midvalley, this is one of the most wanted kuih for me as I thought only the best one can make this kuih.. until recently.. I managed to see my mom did it on her own.. sooo simple and quick.. easy to do.. surprise2..
So I did some experiment to make the delicious onde2 by myself.. it's a challenge that I hafta achieve.. and I accepted it.. and the process begins..
The dough, the gula melaka, and kelapa muda.. with hot boiling water..Tadaaaaaaaa.. jadikkk siottt.. I'm so proud of myself.. boleh la aku makan my favourite kuih sesuka hatiku.. yahoooo! jemput makan semua..

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