Friday, August 26, 2011


Wahhh.. title diatas is enough to picture the makan2 outing today.. all around Nilai area.. from berbuka.. sampai la ke pre-sahur.. We started our berbuka at Auntie Aini's cafe.. lots of food, but Harry only managed to snap a photo.. lauk apakahh? ikan jenahak masak lemak tempoyak, daging salai and telur itik masak lemak cili api, kerabu pucuk paku, ayam goreng kampung.. complete with sambal belacan.. and ice cream tapai.. heaven!
Coupled with the perfect greenery environment and a few close friends wallap the food like nobody's business.. priceless.. 2nd time here for berbuka this year.. and never fail to impress me.. way to go Auntie Aini!
Lepas AUntie Aini, pi lepak2 di mamak As-Salam sambl sembang2 sampai nak muntahh.. then sambung for pre-sahur @ Starhut cafe, in front of Tesco Nilai.. cool place, lots of beautiful people lepak2 here.. and good food too.. Harry recommended Bilis Sausage Sambal and Beef Fried Rice.. really good food..
So how? entry is mostly about Makan.. lagi dan lagi dan lagi.. adoiii.. kena pi gym lepas raya ni.. confirmmmm! heheheh

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