Friday, August 26, 2011


I just got to know about the yearly raya sale for carbonated drinks under Permanis.. and today I finally have the time to go.. the kilang is in Bangi.. and we hafta go thru a bit of traffic jam from crazy people who's high over Pepsi and 7-Up.. giler ramai orang! Damn.. sorang2 semua beli like there's no tomorrow.. berkarton2 piling up the area.. and people berebut like nak beli loteri.. and sorang2 semua muka tamak over a super cheap super high sugar carbonated drinks.. mmg confirm la ramai lagi warga Malaysia ni nak kena kencing manis from these people who's gonna serve you these drinks for raya..hahahahah..I too bought 3 cartons of the mixture of the drinks.. for my mom, granny and for myself.. let's hope there will be open house organised this year from Niko's house so I can spike the super sweet drinks to the guest.. hahahahahh!

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