Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This is supposed to be an old entry but I only have time to write about it now. I was in Sunway area and about to look around for my dinner when I saw a show in Station One cafe.. So, it was Imran Ajmain's show, a singaporean singer that is quite famous with quite a few numbers of his song.. where a few of it I usually sang at the karaoke.. heheh..Well.. for once, he sang marvelous songs of himself, coupled with quite powerful lullaby voice ladies should fall in love with him.. and definitely, he sang better in person rather than in the album.. I was glued away until the end of the show.. and woww.. he is quite a singer.. good job, dude..great voice! I'm trying to upload some of the songs I managed to record, tapi problem gile nak upload.. nanti I will share soon.. ok..

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