Sunday, November 29, 2009


It was when I reached my granny's house that I knew about the small kenduri for korban to be held by my 2 uncles this year.. This is gonna be a new to me and also the first time for me to check out the whole process from slaughtering the cow until the end.. I'll just upload the photos of the moments..So what is Korban? and why Muslims are encouraged to perform korban as part of the religions obligations? Qurban means sacrifice. The significance of this eid is from the offering of Prophet Abraham(as), who prepared to present his son Ismail(as) to Allah, upon having dream of such a command. He prepared to offer his son, but this was a test from Allah, so before he could slaughter his boy, the angels replaced him with a sacrificing animal.To remember this sacrifice of him we,Muslim who can afford to, make an offering to Allah of an animal. This is called Qurbani. It is not an obligation, but necessarily for all who are earning and have enough money to do it. The meat of the animal should be divided into three portions, of which one third is distributed among the poor, another part among relatives and friends, and the third is consumed in the family. Anyway, my photos during the kenduri disappeared from my phone.. so I won't be able to share with all..

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