Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Thief Story and an Irritating Speakers

The laughter episodes of the stolen tyres finished, and another episodes of stolen shoes saga continues.. the shoe rack placed right outside my front door was opened with shoes taken out from it, piling the front door.. thank god the cabinet has nothing but a pile of old and smelly shoes.. Padan muka kau pencuri... hahahah! Still pissed off with what happened, I drove around early Sunday morning to get my breakfast when I realized that it's been a while that Blackie's front speaker really irritates me with this annoying rattling sound, and it gets worst when the bass is higher.. leaving me to no options but the replace it with a new speaker.. Got myself the one completed with tweeter, at only reasonable price! The sound definitely gets better after that, which definitely ease up the pissed episodes of my weekend.. Well, some people said that sometimes, one needs a retail therapy as a way to de-stress, but for me, as long as I have my music in my Blackie, that will be soothing enough to ease my stress..

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Anonymous said...

Dah senyap blackie tu....?