Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look.. My Tyres Are Gone!!

It was on Saturday night when I got a call from my dear friend giving me this statement "My tyres are gone!" which I replied in in not a single word, speechless! She's always known for her reputation as always playing jokes among us all, and I really thought that she's playing only around with me.. but when she started to elaborate the situation, I was burst into an endless laughter knowing that it is a real situation. 2 of her tyres were gone.. and the thiefs placed the left side of her car with bricks.. goddd! I always heard about these cases but never occur to me that this may happen to my friends.. 'laugh again' hahahaha.. went to the place quite late and her husband has already completed putting the spare tyres.. It was then that I heard another story about 4 of the tyres are gone, and the driver only realized that the tyres were gone when her car didn't move at all after the engine started.. another funny yet stupid story about loosing the tyres..
These kind of cases are really mounting high lately, and one needs to be aware and take precautions methods to prevent these kind of cases to happen.. A friend suggested me tyre lock, and I'm gonna get one of that soon..

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