Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Genting Escapade

It's Raya Haji tomorrow, and I'm still stuck in KL.. checked out JKR's website, E-Bencana reported that a lot of routes to the east Coast were closed due to the rain pour and flood.. and the crazy jam along the Karak Highway added to the misery.. Imagine the jam right after Gombak Toll until Genting Sempah, and the road sign indicated that the jam remains until Bentong.. just crazy!
So I didn't go back to my kampung.. and with my aunt and family still here in KL, we all decided to go to Genting.. raced thru the jam until Genting Sempah, and slowly climbed the windy roads To GohTong Jaya, where we took the SkyWay up to Genting..SO it wasn't that bad on the hilltop.. as people are so crazy about going back for raya.. leaving us with comfort of getting here and there peacefully..The family got themselves in the park, while me and others went to the mall,hoping to catch a movie or something.. Managed to get into the 'Ninja Assassins' movie, which was really cool (Rain can act maaa..) and spent the rest of the time dining and browsed thru the shops in Genting Mall slowly.. Time managed efficiently, and we covered everything by 8pm..time to go back to KL when the jam to East Coast is getting worse.. and spending my time on the road like that is simply not a good choice to do now.. holding up until tomorrow, shall I go back to my granny's house in Perak? I definitely should...

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