Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Cold and Gloomy Days..

It has been raining quite continuously for the past few days in KL.. and the weather is just lovely.. gloomy and cold.. which is very much related to my mood lately.. personally, I just like it when it's raining.. the smell of the rain is just so refreshing, the looks of the wet green plants are just relaxing, and the cool weather when it rains really wanna make me jump and dance in the rain.. It's just a really good spirit that builds into me when it's raining.. such a positive magnetic charge or something! Yes it's true for some reason that when it rains continuously, it may cause further damages. Heard that there are cases of floods here and there especially in the Northern side and the East Coast.. and in the east Coast flood case, it would be something to celebrate with the rest of the people.. I used to grow up in Terengganu where we can expect Monsoon season starting November every year, followed by the ups and downs of flood, where everyone seems to celebrate by rowing their boats here and there in my kampong... Well, everyone seems to have their own boat, and the perfect timing where school kids were having their long school breaks added up to the enjoyment.. We waited until our parents went to work, and that is when we started playing in the flood, and rowed the boat like nobody's business.. Ahhh.. Such a lovely memory..My kampong house with lots of pillar and 12 stairs will be drowned.. And at some point things went ugly and water level will be rise in the house.. And that is when we have to move out.. I still remembered when we need to move out to a safer place at nite about 9pm.. where the flood reached the dangerous level, and we have to row our boat to my uncle's place.. I was about 10 years old at that time but still remembered when we were about to cross a bridge, the river water seems to be very fast that the boat almost got away.. and me and my dad had to walk across the bridge while holding to the boat with my brother inside.. and the walk and boat rowing continues for abut half and hour when we finally reached my uncle's house.. Well.. it's nothing strange about flood news for those who grew up in the east Coast.. and I'm sure each of every one of them has interesting stories to share about it..
There are some rumors in the email saying that there will be a struck of snow expected in KL tomorrow at 7pm, but I wouldn't take that seriously.. Being in the equator, I wonder how other places will be if there's snow here.. huhh! But it's not impossible, as it will all be the mighty god's plan.. I’ve experienced either those thick covered white snowy day or the extremely cold crystal covered days during my Michigan time, and pretty much enjoyed it to the last bit.. Wonder what will happen if such thing occurs in Malaysia! Must be lots of havoc!
Bottom line is, I really enjoy cold days.. and the days and nights with the current weather lately really suits me, and do hope that it will continuously be like this, may be slightly colder, for a long2 time..

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