Saturday, November 14, 2009

Movie - 2012

It has been a few days of checking out the tickets available for 2012.. unfortunately most of the time, it's full house.. damn! GSC phone checking is all jammed up and online reservation is also practically not working.. and it really pissed me off.. last solution, walk in a day earlier.. and got a tix at noon on Saturday.. never done that before.. so, without a proper shower, and not so good smell, we went to the movie.. heheh! The movie is marvelous.. CGI usage is really good that it felt so real, the storyline is ok, but sometimes went overboard when John Cusack seems to be a new American hero out of it, even Superman didn't have all the lucks like what he's doing.. hehehe..
Really thrilled and enjoyed it very much.. which brings to the next question, is this really gonna happen? and where am I gonna be during that time? hehhe.. it's true that some people may not like it, simply because it's all too much imagination, over-rated, not enough feelings etc.. but I totally feel that this is a movie worth paying to watch..

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