Thursday, November 5, 2009

Craving for Ikea's Meatball

It's Thursday, and I've been planning to go to Ikea for quite a while for their meatball and salmon meal.. so I immediately rush to Ikea for a nice dinner while waiting for my friend to join me later..It was only then I realized that the portion is getting smaller compared to last year.. but still worth the money paid.. Delicious, cheap and quality food with very cozy environment for dining.. Sometimes I wonder, how can they sell these meals for quite a cheap price.. big order at smaller price, later for a big production with not to big profit maybe? May be it's part of their ways of giving back to the community.. May be it's their strategy to welcome more people to Ikea.. but one thing for sure, I seem to be enjoying it very much.. and I bet many more are sharing the same thoughts with me..

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