Thursday, December 3, 2009


I still remember when I was small, I was so intrigued by the story of Natrah, a Dutch girl who was trapped into the fight of parenting rights, the clash of 2 religions and the poor little girl who's fighting for her rights to choose, whom nobody even care.. I was quite puzzled with what's the ending, until I last heard that she visited her Cik Aminah past few years and the latest that she passed away last year.. So when I heard about Natrah turned into theatre, I won't wanna miss the chance to check out how Erma Fatima interpreted the story in her own way.. The overall presentation was nice and clean.. but one thing that I can't agree more is that Natrah belongs to her mother.. and it was the rights of the parents to look after their long lost child.. it's all about the gut feelings of her parents to look after her again.. and I believe if Che Aminah was in her mother's shoes, she will do the same thing.. Really enjoyed the show.. and I must say that Maya Karin is so unbelievably gorgeous, Sofia Jane is so amazing withe her monologue full of expression and Umie Aida proved herself as a good actress.. well done to all..

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