Thursday, December 3, 2009


It was early in the morning when it's raining.. and my usual route to work via Putrajaya Expressway is so jammed up like never before.. The jam was so bad it started from before Bukit Jalil entrance all the way to KL.. It took me about half an hour just exit the Kuchai Lama route, and another half an hour on the highway in front of Angkasapuri.. Crazy jam when it's raining in KL..
I found it quite weird as it's still the school holiday and people are still on leave and stuff.. and later I found out it all began from the flash flood in Chan Sow Lin road in which 3 cars have drowned.. (Photo courtesy of ondscene)
I wonder what kind of excuses DBKL or any other relevant bodies may come out on this case.. Just wait and see.. Crazy.. just crazy!

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