Saturday, December 5, 2009


Susan and Mike are in town, which means we are gonna have our mini gathering again like old times.. It's been a norm for these 2 fellow friends to fly to Semenanjung for a holiday cum shopping cum meeting friends etc.. and this time we are all gonna gather at Zam2's new 'Ikea' showroom house for a camping like old time.. chatting, gossiping, change opinions, catching up with each other's updates, remembering old times while studying, and wake up till late nite/ early morning laughing over almost all the stuff we can think off... Making the breakfast.. and had a blast breakfast time together..
later continued at Ikea and the Curve, we all had a good ass time together.. This is how we all value friendship.. although we've never met that frequent, but we all still have one similar thing that we all hold together.. sweet memories and life that we all shared together for 2 years in our life.. and what's that matters to us.. and that's the value of our friendship that we still hold on to.. even until we all get married, have kids and grow old, hopefully we can all be good friends until the end of our life..

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