Monday, December 14, 2009


I was on my way to Rawang via Templer Park when I was soooo shocked to see what's happening to the so called government gazette forest along Jalan Templer near Rawang.. totally destroyed! This place used to be one of the greenest places near KL where the ambiance is so cool and fresh.. but nothing portrays on the greenery anymore today.. there's full of destroyed pieces here and there, trees cut for log, hills being destroyed stage by stage, development taking over the greenery.. and lots of landslides happened, the biggest one as reported nationwide last month..I wonder why the government didn’t do anything about this. Why isn't anyone protesting about this place? Why is it not a big issue for Karam Singh Walia to investigate? and what is the Nature Society has to say about this? Everyone seems to keep their freaking mouth shut about this and tend to accept this destroyer of the forest happily.. I'm sad to see this! and I do hope that someone can do something about it, to at least stop the sinful act of continuously destroying our forest or minimize it to the max.. Please someone, do something!!

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