Monday, December 14, 2009


Still startled with the unbelievable scenes that I witnessed along Jalan Templer, I started thinking of what are the least help I could do to help giving back to the earth, and one of it is to minimize the printing and the usage of plastic bag.. Hrmmm.. Just as I started thinking about it, it was in Bangsar that I realized that the people here are starting to understand the usage of reusable bag in the daily life.. Here and there people just walked with at least a trolley or reusable bags with them.. Especially the mat saleh, who values about the recycle and reusable stuff since forever.. And this is when I realize that the bag is not a fashion statement for these people anymore.. It really is a high time for us to think about the full usage of it.. Sort of a warning for a mindset change to all to minimize the usage of plastic bag.. I truly like this.. And I really appeal to all to start using the reusable bag whenever you wanna go out for groceries, or any other shopping usage.. If u doesn’t have any, get one.. the cheapest is Carrefour's bag at 99cent and can be changed for life, or if you want a bigger one, get Ikea's huge bag at only RM1.99. Or if you want something a bit fancy, get the Rizalman's creation bag @ Tesco, or beautiful colorful variety of bags from Jusco.. well.. you can find one anywhere..I too have made a vow to use the reusable bag as much as I can and to minimize the usage of plastic bag as much as I could. So let's all start use it, flood the fields, so it becomes a trend, and soon leads to commitment for everyone.. hahahah! Yo-yo oooo je!

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