Saturday, December 12, 2009


My brother called me last nite asking whether I'm free on Saturday for my niece's graduation day.. and without thinking I just said yes.. and had to cancel what I planned to give room for this family event.. Quite excited actually as she will be performing in the Nasyid, as a lead singer, okkk! and another niece is also joining in another show for her class.. The event began at about 9am.. held at Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman's Hall, I can see lots of family started to fill up the place since early morning.. where there is also a Majlis Khatam Quran among the kids in their kindergarten, and lots of performance by the kids later before the scroll-giving ceremony. Anyway, I can see a positive changes since my nieces joined kindergarten as she can read the real newspaper easily both in English and Malay, which for me is very2 good achievement at the age of 6.. Didn’t stay for the whole ceremony as my irritating cough starts coming back.. I didn’t wanna scare the whole crowd with my bad cough, so I slept in the car until the ceremony finished.. Sharing with you the video of her as a lead singer for Nasyid..

Well done, my niece.. I'm so proud of you.. and welcome to the first real stage of the schooling life..

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