Monday, December 7, 2009


It was just in front of my house.. I can easily hear what's going on in the field.. but why am I sooooo lazy to just go and visit the carnival? hahhaha.. maybe because of the crowd.. and the facts that there will be a lot of ill mannered people from I donno where that will occupy this kind of carnival like they never did before.. But well, since this is the last one for the year, plus my friend agreed to accompany me.. and the fact that I rarely go to this kid of event, I think I'd better check what's up with it..As expected, traffic jam is all over.. people park right until in front of the apartment.. and lots of people filling up the space.. and most of them are Malays.. coming from donno where.. lots of them are youngsters.. with lots of attitudes.. and the Goddd! it's so hot out here, with so many garbage filling up the bins everywhere, it looked so dirty and smelly around here.. A few familiar faces on TV were there too.. can't remember their names, but they are the regulars on TV.. Never mind about it.. I'm just gonna concentrate on the stalls, and lots of offers.. mostly at RM10 per bag.. grabbed a few thing like biscuits, maggi and Ribena and quickly headed home after that.. time spent, about half an hour.. and cannot tahan the crowd anymore.. hahahah! Such an efficient time spent at the crowded place like that... yeayyyy!

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