Saturday, November 17, 2007

TOW Nature's Beauty @Kuala Berang - Ipoh New Route

I always love nature and greenery. Like the photos that I'm gonna share with all is really marvelous and nature friendly. These photos were taken during my journey back from Terengganu to Perak via the new route of Kuala Berang-Ipoh thru Cameron Highlands. The journey starts The river on he way back. The banana tree with huge young banana coming out Entering the highway nice view of the highway near Kuala BerangGreenery of the two hills along the way This is what amazed me.. different views of Kenyir Lake Check out the hill covered with clouds further back. This pic doesn't do justice to the actual amazing scenery.Reaching Gua Musang. Stopped at the rst area. Which way to go? Neither.. I'm going back to Perak laaa...Hungry! Hungry! So many people around! The rest of the journey thru Cameron Highlands isn't that smooth and I don't take photos as it was dark already. Nevertheless, my first time using this route seemed to be worth every minutes as the scenery is amazingly wonderful. I love greenery and i surely appreciate those scenery along the way.


Omar Godor said...

The photos u took along the route Kuala Berang - Ipoh give me a better picture of the route which I am yet to take the next time I travel to Ipoh.

Anonymous said...

wow...fantastic. So the highway is officially open? How's the mobile network coverage along the route? Any R&R stops?