Sunday, November 18, 2007

TOW Nature's Beauty @ East-West Highway Grik-Jeli

This one is from the photos taken during my journey back from Perak back to Terengganu. This was after the broken arm incident so I had so much time taking photos along the way.The journey began. Reaching a small town along the way, Grik. Malaysia tanah airku.,
Hill covered by the clouds.. Amazing! A view of Tasik Banding thru the bridge. Reaching the peak of the East-West Highway.. On the top of the mountain.. Really nice view..Nice palm tree.. Very expensive one at the nursery.. Reaching Kelate already..Along the way. Nice view of Gunung Reng in Kelantan. The place called Bukit Bunga where all Thailand products sold here.. quite cheap if you know how to bargain.. Reaching Terengganu.. Arrival in Besut.. Good restaurant here for makan2.. will update in makan2 entry..My dad's driving..Reaching Pantai Penarik.. Notice the place called Mangkuk (Bowl).. Heheh! The beautiful view of Pantai PenarikHere's another good place to eat seafood and buy all those sefreah seafood as well. I will put in my makan entry after this.Notice a guy sleep comfortably on the hammock. Sign to go to Jetty of Redang and Lang Tengah Island. Reached Terengganu at last.The many views of the new stadium built in Kuala Terengganu.. Nice huge one.. Nice view along the way. I really enjoyed my journey back to Terengganu.

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