Saturday, November 24, 2007

TOW Makan2 @ Uptown Hawker Centre

It's been a while since I last visited the stalls at Uptown Hawker Centre in Damansara. I used to be a regular there before as the food served there are all pretty much matches my appetites. Anyway.. this time around since I'm still on a medication and the wound doesn't heal fully, I hafta let fo of many food choices. So I only got myself a moderate size plate of Yong Tau Foo.. while another friend of mine got himself a plate of marvelous chicken chop.. really good. The Yong Tau Foo is really one of the famous item to eat there as you can see people queue at the stall most of the time. I just took a few Foo Chok and fish balls, but the mixture of the gravy, spicy sauce and sesame seeds is what makes a difference here. I'm sooo enjoying my meal , I forgot to take a snap of my friend's Chicken Chop.. Hahahah!! There's always next time.. and I will surely visit this place really2 sooon for morefood to eat here..

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