Monday, November 19, 2007

TOW Makan2 @ Terengganu

During my journey back to Terengganu in the ralier post, we stopped by 2 places to eat.. First stop, Pekan Besut. This place is famous for its Pau, a very nice one. We have been a regular customer of tis Pau since I was little. Every single time we pass thru the town, we will surely stop by to get the Chicken Pau. This is the restaurant selling Chicken pau called Eastern Restaurant. Bought 10 kuih Pau for us. Yummy yummy! Then, the second stop was at Pantai Penarik for its Seafood Goreng Tepung (Deep Fried Seafood). It's just a small stall next to the baech that offers variety of seafood, from squids, prawns and fishes, all deep fried. We got ourselves fish and squids, and I really like it the squids especially, really delicious, dipped in a special home made spicy sauce.. really made my day. A must try food to eat if you visit Terengganu.

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