Friday, November 16, 2007

TOW The Bungalows at Bukit Mahkota

My brother asked me to join him to take the keys to his new house in Bukit Mahkota near Nilai, and I totally agreed to join him as I'm so bored at home. I haven't been to this place yet, and I'm sure this is gonna be a beauiful place to stay.Once we reached there, I couldn't help but notice a very new development of the bungalow rows next to the site office. So, instead of going to my brothers house, we end up visiting the show houses for this bungalows. Prices starts from 1 million over, but the bungalows are superb and the most adorable part that impressed me a lot are the designs and the koi ponds flowing from in the house till the outside garden. It's so amazingly simple yet elegant.

This is like one of my dream house and I guess it is the time for me to start thinking about getting myself a proper house for myself.

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