Saturday, October 3, 2009

Open House @ Cu

Seems like I'll be bragging about the open houses I managed to attend after all.. SO bear with me with all the food stuff in this blog.. heheh!
After the awesome steamboat dinner, rushed to Penang for the weekend by bus.. the journey sucks big time.. having the straight last seat on the bus added the misery.. Reached Penang safe and sound,.., and thank god the classic case of constant purging didn’t bother me in the bus.. took enough medication to stop it, and it worked.. yessssss.. hahahaha!so.. I happened to be at my aunt’s house when she hosted the open house for her friends on the weekend, and makan2 is really not a big deal for me.. lots of food prepared for the visitors.. and took the chance to chip in and help myself with the nice food on the table until drop.. hehehhe.. small crowd, good food.. simple but memorable.. that's what I conclude her open house..Only a few choices of Nasi Minyak, Roti Jala and cakes are available at a bigger quantity.. not so many so it's still manageable.. making it more relaxed and laid back open house thus far.. heheh.. Later, when the visitors begin to build up.. quickly left the crime scene quietly.. out for jalan2 in Penang.. gendang gendut tali kecapi.. perut kenyang suka hati.. heheh

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