Sunday, October 18, 2009

My version of 'Closed' House

It started from the idea of potluck at my house with only a small closed crowds of 4-5 peeps max.. and soon the idea spreads with inviting more friends and guests of the confirmed list.. and it ended up that I'm gonna be hosting a proper open house for my fellow friends this year.. unbelievable... hahahha! So what's available? Nasi Tomato, Laksa Johor, puding roti, cakes, samosa, spring rolls etc took all the space on the table.. and yehaaa.. people wallap the food with only praises and positive feedback.. thank godddd... I just like it when the house is full of people, talking and making jokes all the time while eating, a group in front of TV, while another at the balcony enjoying the view.. and some other stayed closed to the main table so it would be easier to get the food.. It was such a high satisfaction to me that they enjoyed the food and the crowd.. but next year will hafta invite more people with more potluck.. must be cool.. hehehe!

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