Sunday, October 25, 2009

The New Looks Of The Pond

It was recently that all the fishes in my pond either commited suicide or forced to die of natural causes, or dead because of unknown causes... so we made a few conclusions out of it, and started to blame the food, and the plastic cover etc.. then it occurs to me that I actually got fedup with the current pond and really need a makeover of the pond, and get rid of all the plastic covers and such.. Quickly ran to Jalan Pudu to get the new plastic pond, and tons of Koi fishes to fill the new pond..Just a minor re-decoration of the area.. and wallaaaa!! the new pond is ready.. less space, pond is deeper and bigger for the fishes to swim, and most important it looks more organized and proper.. nice one.. really nice! Don't you think? heheh!!

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