Saturday, October 24, 2009

The new P1 Wimax.. Cut Nowwww!

In line with the Budget 2010, I quickly applied for the wifi service for my home usage.. heheh! No laa..I happened to be in Jusco Sri Kembangan when I saw this P1 WImax booth that came out with their latest Wifi package of RM49 for their lowest range.. which can accomodate for at least 2 personal users at one time.. Just pay RM100 and wait for 3 hours, and you can surf internet at my home.. bear in mind that there are places that are not covered yet.. just check with the staff for their coverage.. my place is still not in their coverage, almost close to the border I can say.. but looking at the performance of the service so far, not bad at all..I'm happy so far.. like the advert said.. "Cut now.. why you don't cut yettttttttt?"

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