Friday, October 2, 2009

The Buffet Steamboat @ Sunway

My friend told me about the new makan2 place in Sunway.. this time, Buffet Steamboat.. and me being soooo excited about food, quickly rush to try the new makan place in town with my friends.. and true enough, lots of people filling up the space on the ground floor, and also the first and second floor.. huge place for dining..and talking about the selection of food, it's even bigger.. lots of varieties of food to choose from, with the selection of soup or tomyam gravy.. they also have fried rice, a undeniably superb chicken teriyaki, and a few other dishes in the line.. tons of seafood varieties for steamboat.. name it.. they have it..

including deserts of fruit, kueh and ice cream are available..
So, apa lagi.. we wallap like there's no end.. and me being a huge fan of the teriyaki chicken.. eat till really drop.. heheh..I dont remember the name of the restaurant, but it is situated in Sunway area.. in front of Romeo Hotel and bridal shop.. worth dining there at RM20 per head.. Go try..

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