Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A question.. what if someone tells you that there is a 'thing' that's always with you all along.. more of a bad spirit? Scary isn't it? That's what my brother told me recently and he really2 urged me to heal those a.s.a.p.. I was quite blur about it myself.. so he brought me to Kelantan for a proper traditional medication.. including mandi limau and all to get rid of 'it' totally.. I don't know why, but it's hard for me to believe all these.. I know it exists butt... errr.. never mind.. I reserve my comment.. Anyway, it's more of a soul medication and stuff..hard to explain in details.. but it's for me and also for my parents.. Said to be sent by someone who's jealous of me, which immediately makes me laugh.. ME? someone's jealous og ME? hahahhahah.. why oh why.. I can never understand!! well, What did I feel? Frankly, I didn't feel any obvious difference myself, but I'm quite shocked to see strange differences on my dad.. what difference? he doesn't have his asthma already, and he's not sick in the morning as usual anymore.. less angry, and happier face now.. may be it works for some people yeahh?
So after finishing those stuff, I went back to Ganu.. just to find myself good food to eat.. the usual Ganu dishes, keropok, Nasi dagang etc.. planned to stay longer to relax.. but time doesn't permit.. so after spending some time with my beloved parents, and more time time too getting my local food..we all drove back to KL slowly..

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