Monday, June 14, 2010


It's been a while since I checked out the the bodybuilding competitions in KL area.. and since I was around the Serdang area on Sunday, I managed to stop by and checked out whats happening.. Lots of fresh new faces.. almost all with perfect body.. makes me so envy them.. why can't I at least get those kind of body? Well, it needs a lot of sacrifices.. and me being a kaki makan, it's not an option to have it both.. need to just leave all those and start a strict routine and series of heavy gymming.. been there, done that.. and let me just say that I will try to balance of both.. it's just a matter of time!! hahahah.. Anyway.. the winner for Champ of the Champs is NOOR SYUKRI NASIR.. congratulations to him.. and the upcoming Mr Malaysia will be on 17 July.. good luck to all!
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