Friday, June 4, 2010


First thing in the morninig.. Laksa Sarawak.. checked.. crazy marvelous one of this Laksa Sarawak this time.. I don't know the name, but this one is certainly the best place that Mike has brought me for the laksa so far..
Next.. checking out Bako.. I always wanted to go to Bako National Park, and this is the second time I couldn’t go as I didn’t bring a proper sports attire.. Not letting that to spoil my day.. we just went to the jetty to check out the information about Bako, i.e. boat price, activities, accommodation and stuff.. and what shocked me is this warning sign about the existence of crocodiles nearby.. scary ok.. After checking out all the info about Bako, we went to this small village nearby to check out a nice seafood place for lunch. I don’t know what the place is called, but this is just a small fisherman village with wooden kampong house and a big temple up the hill.. Let’s check out the temple first.. This is said to be a sacred temple for Chinese where there’s a big prayer will be done here once a year. Majority of the visitors are from Singapore and considering that the parking lots are so limited, I really have no idea where they all park during the prayer session..With a hungry stomach ready to eat anything, we went for a seafood lunch at one of the restaurant here.. Ordered a lot of stuff, and sayur Midin is a must besides the udang, bamboo shot and the rest.. check it out!Perut kenyang, hati senang.. weall went back to Kuching.. and ready to go back to KL.. peacefully.. Bye-bye for now Kuching.. till we meet later..

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