Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I have a client's meeting in Alor Star, and that makes me feel really excited to be back to a place where I grew up for 5 years during my teenage life.. yeahh.. I was schooling in Jenan during my secondary years.. and it was one of the greatest moments of my life.. so after I'm done with my meetings, I managed to visit my old school, just from the outside.. such fond memories came back liike the film flashbacks.. ohh.. how I miss those years! well.. life goes on.. After the school visit, went around for lunch, and found Dee Pumpong, a very famous place for lunching.. with not so pretty view of the dirty river, loads of food, loads of people.. but still charged at a reasonable price.. The last destination was the ever famous Pekan Rabu looking for their ikan pekasam.. smell really stinks, but the taste is marvelous.. bought some, and I know it's gonna be stinky smell along the way home.. checked out the surrounding and found Tun Mahathir's clinic around the area.. cool!and later headed back to Penang very tired..
Lunch the next day at the famous Nasi tomato nearby Sg Nyiur in front of F&N factory.. believe me, it's really good.. one should try! no.. one MUST try the taste of this nasi tomato.. superb.. excellent!!

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